Shaw Leonard Director and Cinematographer

Title: Gaviota: The End of Southern California

Run Time: 42 minutes

Category: Wildlife Documentary

Director: Shaw Leonard

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Instagram: gaviotawildlifefilms


Tamlorn Chase Cinematographer

Film synopsis: short

Gaviota: The End of Southern California is a 42 minute film that explores one of the most threatened biodiversity hotspots in the world. In a monumental collaboration of artists, activists, and environmental organizations, this film documents the wildlife that thrives here like no other place in Southern California. Meticulously filmed over the course of five years, the film leads audiences from the ocean floor of the Santa Barbara Channel to the peaks of the jagged Santa Ynez Mountains. This wild journey crosses paths with breaching humpback whales, red-tailed hawks and elusive mountain lions. With nearly 90% of Southern California’s coast lost to development, the preservation of this coastline is the last bastion of hope for wildlife fighting to survive against a world closing in on them.